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The history of Molchanovo district started many years ago. Courageous and hard-working people who could hunt, catch fish, fell trees used to live here. Today population of Molchanovo needs enormous means, force, selflessness, patience, serious intellectual efforts of managers and workers in order to create new merited living conditions. 

The stable development of the district should consider the politics in the most important trends and for a long time as a stable social-economic development. The purpose of the development is close collaboration of Molchanovo district of Tomsk oblast with other districts, oblasts, regions of Russia and the exit to the international market through the Internet. A stable development of municipal formation includes the balance of economic, social and ecological tasks of society – three main components of economic stabilization. The perspective trend is attraction of investments in the municipal sector of economics. 

Taking into account a rich resources orientation of economics of Molchanovo district they plan the opening of mini-productions of fish, milk, meat, wild growing, herbs processing and also large reserves of peat, clay of excellent quality for industrial production. 

Dear Internet users, we invite you to our first web-representation «Molchanovo district» in order to get acquainted with social-economic position of the district. 

Sincerely yours, The head of Molchanovo district

Sal'kov Yuri

Telephone: 8 (256) 21-4-63

Links (Tomsk and Tomsk oblast) 

Official information server of Tomsk oblast
The State Duma of Tomsk oblast

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